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The Directorate is headed by Commissioner for Petroleum.

It's functions are: -

  1. Development and review of policies, legal and regulatory framework for spearheading upstream and mid/downstream petroleum operations;
  2. Developing and reviewing fiscal and contractual terms for oil and gas;
  3. Assessment of Oil and Gas Potential in Kenya’s Exploration Blocks;
  4. Ensuring the security of supply of petroleum products;
  5. Monitoring the implementation of agreed solutions on short, mid and long term downstream petroleum challenges identified by Stakeholders;
  6. Gazettement of Open Tender System (OTS) terms and conditions;
  7. Negotiation and the regulation of Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs);
  8. Advising on change of administration in active Production Sharing Contracts;
  9. Capacity development in the areas of Petroleum Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Economics, Petroleum Accounting,
  10. Petroleum Resource Appraisal & Management and Procurement techniques;
  11. Enforcement of Environmental Protection and Management regulations in liaison with National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA);
  12. Ensuring build-up of local content capacity in line with national policy goals;
  13. Development and updating of an oil & gas master plan for exploration, development, production and marketing of the produced oil & gas;
  14. Development and review of modalities and strategies for licensing of blocks in bid rounds and custodian of all signed PSCs;
  15. Promoting and facilitating investment opportunities for oil and gas;
  16. Undertake research and development to enhance capacity in the Petroleum Sector as provided for in the Petroleum Policy and also Petroleum Act, 2019.

The directorate has the following divisions:-

1. Upstream Division

The Division is headed by a Senior Deputy Commissioner for Petroleum, It is organized into the following four (4) Divisions: -

1.    Petroleum Geological Exploration;
2.    Petroleum Geophysical Survey;
3.    Petroleum Geochemical Analysis; and
4.    Petroleum Engineering.

2.  The Mid/Downstream Division

The Division is headed by a Senior Deputy Commissioner for Petroleum. It is organized into the following two (2) divisions:-

1.    Midstream
2.    Downstream