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Upstream Project

Plans are underway to have an integrated field development plan covering Blocks 13T and 10BB. Proposed development area to cover 10 discoveries. Submission of the Final FDP was done in December 2021. The total land requirement for the upstream development area and the 84km water pipeline is approx. 22,000 acres and 614 acres respectively. Upstream ESIA – updated baseline studies and revised project description completed.


2.  Geoscientific Data Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation

The Project’s objective is to:

  1. Determine petroleum prospectively in open/vacant blocks in-order to attract investments.
  2. To capacity build technical officers in the Petroleum Directorate on data acquisition, processing, analysis, and interpretation.
  3. Determine the possible sources of gas and structural controls within Kipeto and Solai Gas Prospects.

Block L19A - Lamu Basin      

The directorate finalized geological and geophysical surveys in block l19a (lamu basin). The technical team acquired, processed, and interpreted gravity/magnetic data and concluded geological mapping of the block.

Block L16 – Lamu Basin                          
The Directorate is currently acquiring geophysical data (gravity and magnetic) and geological mapping of  Block L16.

Kipeto Gas Prospect – Tertiary Rift Basin                          
The Joint Ministry/NOCK technical team is progressing data acquisition within Kipeto Gas Prospect in Kajiado county

Solai Gas Prospect – Tertiary Rift Basin                                    
The Ministry’s technical team has undertaken a geological reconnaissance survey in the surrounding areas of Solai Gas Prospect located within Nakuru county. The survey was conducted by mapping in-situ rock exposures in open quarries, along road cuttings and riverbanks. Detailed geological field mapping, geochemical sampling, petrological analysis, and geophysical data acquisition are planned.

3D Seismic Offshore Multi-Client Survey
The Ministry plans to conduct bid round licensing of the open shallow offshore blocks of the Lamu Basin in the near future. In readiness for this, the Ministry signed a contract with ION Geophysical for a 3D Seismic Multi-Client data acquisition program for shallow offshore in March 2021. The company will carry out two seismic projects; one covers new 3D acquisition in the offshore Lamu Basin, the second involves the re-imaging of vintage data. ION will carry out the multi-client work with BGP on the north and south of the Basin.


3.  Development of Petroleum Regulations and Guidelines

Development of petroleum regulations in line with the petroleum act 2019   for upstream and midstream sectors is in the final stages. The set of drafts regulations under development include the following:

  1. Upstream petroleum rights management & administration; regulate the management of pscs.
  2. Upstream petroleum operations; regulate exploration, development, production, and decommissioning activities.
  3. Upstream and midstream safety & environmental protection. 
  4. Midstream pipeline and storage operations; regulate crude oil and natural gas pipelines.
  5. Licensing of petroleum road transportation business; regulate crude oil transportation by road.
  6. Petroleum local content regulations