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The Principal Secretary State Department for Petroleum (SDP)Mr. Mohamed Liban has lauded the pivotal role played by the Geographical Information System tool (GIS) in addressing the challenges encountered during the exploration of natural resources. PS Liban spoke in Mombasa during the official opening of GIS training and remote sensing for Geologists, Geophysicist, Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Environmental Auditors and Petroleum Auditors and Risk Analyst officers. He said the system serves as a powerful technological tool in addressing the challenges encountered during the exploration, development, and exploitation of natural resources.

The PS further explained that the training will present a valuable opportunity to technical staff to expand their knowledge in the field which directly aligns with the State Department’s mandate of ensuring oil and gas capacity development. “By facilitating the handling of spatial data and spatial information, GIS plays a pivotal role in petroleum production, transportation, and resource management” Liban noted. “Throughout this training, officers will acquire the technical skills necessary for the execution of their respective duties and responsibilities. Embrace this opportunity as the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning, innovation, and discovery in the ever-evolving petroleum industry” the PS added.

The PS noted that the benefits of GIS and remote sensing are manifold and from stewardship of earth's resources to improved communication and environmental impact monitoring, the integration of GIS into his Department’s technical directorates' activities promises cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and better decision-making for improved service delivery. “As we embark on this GIS training journey, I encourage each of you to actively engage and apply yourselves to maximize the benefits of this opportunity. By enhancing your capabilities, you will not only contribute to the achievement of our department's mandate but also bolster strategic decision-making and problem-solving techniques”, the PS added.

Ends/  By Joyce Lutomia(PCO)